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Recent Books
by Ran Hock:

The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook - 4th Edition ! (2013)

The Traveler's Web (2007)

Our Courses are Tailored To:

  • The subject areas of interest to attendees - 
    Courses are designed after careful consultation to make sure the right resources are included and the relevant research techniques are covered.

  • The time frames appropriate for you - 
    Courses can be as short as a couple hours or as long as you wish. They can be done in a single day or spread over several days or weeks. .

  • The levels of experience of attendees - 
    We make sure the less experienced don't get lost and needs of the more experienced are adequately met.

  • Your budget
    Development time, length of the course, and other factors can be adjusted to maximize the value of your training budget.

    Course Materials

    Whenever appropriate, all students are provided with: 
    • A detailed customized booklet
    • Access to a customized Web page containing links to all Web sites covered in class
Course Booklets
Course booklets are created uniquely for each course. These durable bookets usually
contain from 50 to 100 pages and are designed to serve both as class
notes and as a continuing reference tool. Other handout options
are available.
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