10+ Hot News Sites

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A few news sites everyone should know about because they are outstandingly important, new, unique, or just darned interesting!

Kidon Medialink

Perhaps the best resource guide for newspapers, etc.

Provides a bit of information about the sources, as well as the link to the source. Symbols indicate the presence of streaming audio and video for each source.

Searchable by title or city as well as browsable.

Though it has a number of broken links, they are not as frequent as some other news search guides.


Contains almost all news published by the BBC since the site opened in November 1997.

This site can be searched for a particular topic by using the search box on the right.  Very searchable using: 
 - Quotation marks for phrases
 - AND OR NEAR and NOT. 
 -  * as a wildcard.,e.g.,  child*

You can choose the "World" edition or the UK edition

Sources of Stories include BBC News, BBC World Service, the Press Association, Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

Excellent country profiles
Look under "Services" for free email alerts.
Look at the bottom of the main page for a link that installs a news ticker on you computer's desktop.

Google News 

Covers 4,500 sources, is updated continually, and items are retained for 30 days.

Advanced news search page allows searching by source, location, where in the article, and date.

Non-English material is available on 20 country-specific sites. 

Searches can use the same Boolean as Google's Web search:
     AND is implied:   Turkey "human rights" 
     OR                        ethics clone OR cloning
     NOT - use a minus:      labor -pregnancy

The Advanced News Search page allows for searching by:
    Simple Boolean boxes
    News source
    Country or US state
    Limiting to headline, body, URL

Results pages also have a link to allow you to easily turn your search into an alert.

Yahoo News 

7,000 news sources in 35 languages

Content comes from Yahoo's news partners, plus crawled news sites.

Partners:  AP, Reuters, Agence France Presse, Washington Post, USA Today, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, NPR, US News and World Report
Can limit search to:
    All News
    Yahoo News Only
    News Photos

Yahoo also provides specialized news at Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports

Stories from Reuters and AP are stored for two weeks, from other suppliers usually for one month.

The News page can be personalized with choice of categories and 3 or 5 headlines or summary for each category.

Variety of Alerts available


Detailed categories by locality, country, industry, company, etc.

Over 7,000 sources - Predominately U.S, but with a significant number of non-US sources.

Over 150,000 topic-specific pages, e.g., by ZIP code.

Advanced Search allows search by country, etc.

News alerts available - location or topic

My Yahoo!

Allows personalized selection of thousands of major and minor news sources and RSS feeds.

One of the easiest-to-use RSS "Readers"

Integrated with an amazing selection of other Yahoo tools and resources.


Actually a network of amalgamated news sites.  Look at the individual (country and region) sections.

Individual stories are gathered from other sources.

Excellent for country and region-specific news.

Look in the left column also for subject-specific news collections, such as energy, religion, politics, education, environment, science, technology.

Current News and Business Information

Over 10,000 resources including a substantial number of non-English sources.

RocketNews RSS Reader

Can create a feed from any Rocket News search

5 days of archives

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index

Over 100 cartoonists.
Includes cartoons back to 2001

You can browse for free, and search for free, and you can purchase rights to re-print a cartoon.

Once registered (free), you can search by:
   Keyword, Date, Color,  Artist

Browsable by Cartoonist, Canadian Cartoonists, Worldwide Cartoonists

For each cartoonist, you can select a specific date.


Good example of a newspaper with a "local" specialty (politics and government)

Take advantage of the free daily email service

This is a very good example of a very personalizable newspaper alerting service
- Can select "sections"   (and subsections)
- Can select newsletters

Today's Front Pages

From the Newseum

336 front pages from 43 countries

Main page is listed alphabetically

Click on the "List by Region" tab to get a geographic listing:
Click on the thumbnail image to see the full page

Click on the larger image to get a PDF version of the front page (only).


Full images of all (?) news pages 200 newspapers from 50 countries.

Can zoom in for easy viewing.

Has search option, but it is difficult to load.

For some more news sites, see:        www.onstrat.com/news